Our Fantasy Draft of Social Media Management Tools

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As a marketer, there are so many social media networks to keep on top of that sometimes it might feel overwhelming, chaotic and like you’ve bit off more than you can chew.

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Maintaining a healthy level of social media followers on your chosen networks is tricky.  You are somewhat inbetween a rock and a hard place because you want more followers but it’s not worth it to use a ton of your time building up that number with random names and blank faces.  You want legitimate, interested, real live human being followers that will give you quality engagement.  No robots here, ladies and gentlemen.

Just in the knick of time to save you from your imminent panic attack, we have compiled some of our favorite social media management tools.  These are the websites and services we would draft if Social Media Management Fantasy Teams were a thing.

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First: Simply Measured (All)

A social analytics tool and platform that has been created with social media teams and marketers in mind.  This website provides advanced observations and insights into major players like Facebook to little fish like Vine.  Some impressive companies are already using this: Samsung, American Express, The Patrón Spirits Company, and Microsoft.


Second: Likeable Hub (Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin)

Good content takes significant time to conceptualize and follow through on creating.  This website can help you with this time suck.  They will provide great content for your business and promote it effectively, killing two birds with one stone for you.  Customizable and specific content will attract a quality following.  And it won’t be auto-generated but actually curated by real people for you.


Third: Hootsuite (35+ Social Networks)

This website provides social media management for any organization through two differently sized platforms.  “Pro” which is great for small to medium businesses who need to manage, engage, and analyze on a smaller scale vs. “Enterprise” which is perfect for larger corporations that require social media implementation across all parts of the organization.


Fourth: Crowdfire (Twitter and Instagram)

This website began as an easier way to manage your Twitter followers, but has quickly evolved into a tool to help you determine relevant users to you to follow.  Relevant users such as tweeters in your industry, even tweeters who are following your direct/indirect competitors.  This tool makes it loads easier to gain meaningful followers.  It can also 1. find inactive users and unfollowers, 2. compare the performance of multiple accounts, and 3. keep an eye on how your updates influence changes in your followers/unfollowers.


Fifth: Iconosquare (Instagram)

This is a tool that will give you the ability to discover the best times to post, keep track of follower/unfollower rates and reciprocal followers, track # performance, set up various plugins and vanity URLs.  When one considers the fact that Instagram is very new to the scene and has only recently incorporated functions specifically or businesses, there aren’t a lot of tools out there for it.


Sixth: an article on creating a social media schedule.


Tell us about your top drafts for social media management tools in the comments below.


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